Western Arctic Shelf-Basin Interactions (SBI) Project

IPY/ICARP II/SBE Information

IASC - June 2006 newsletter

IPY/ICARP II Shelf-Basin Exchange (SBE)planning efforts

USNC (US National Committee) December 2005 Newsgram(pdf)

IASC (International Arctic Science Committee)  December 2005 Newsletter(doc)

Arctic Climate Impact Assessment http://www.acia.uaf.edu/ new

Arctic Council http://www.arctic-council.org/ new

International Arctic Science Committee  http://www.iasc.se/ new

International Polar Year - Eurasian Arctic Sub-office  http://www.ipyeaso.aari.ru new

Press Release: The International Council for Science formally launched IPY at its General Assembly in Suzhou, China

Arctic Ocean Sciences Board (AOSB) SBE website

Endorsement letter from ICSU for the SBE project within the integrated Arctic Ocean Observing System (iAOOS)

June 2005 iAOOS preplanning letter requesting ICSU endorsement

AOSB-CLIC short plan that includes SBE on pg 9 that was an attachment to item #2

ICSU 2005 IPY SBE preplanning letter-Jan. 2005 that was approved by our US National Committee and included in the June 2005 iAOOS submission

SBE International Polar Year (IPY)

US National IPY committee website  This site also includes new IPY newsgram

International Conference on Arctic Research Planning II (ICARP II) website ; See Working Group 5: Arctic margins and gateways