Arctic Ecology Lab

at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science's Chesapeake Biological Laboratory

Seafloor Video Survey of the Chukchi Sea, 2010

Underwater footage recorded at specific sites.

Click on the station code in the list below the map to view each video. Identifying locations and station names from 2009 are noted in parentheses. Videos were recorded at the speed of boat drift. Some videos have been slowed down here for viewing.

4(CBL4) 5(CBL6) 6(UTX29) 9(CBL4) 10(UTX27) 11(CBL7) 15(UTX19) 19(UTX23) 20(UTX21) 21(CBL8) 22(UTX17) 24(UTX16) 30(UTX11) 35(UTX10) 36(UTX3) 37(CBL11) 38(UTX2) 39(UTX5) 40(UTX8) 41(UTX4) 46(CBL18) 49(CBL17) 102(Bering Strait) 103(DBO/UTN5) 104(Red Dog Mine) 105 1(CBL1) 106 107 108 109(Hanna Shoal) 1013 1014 1016 1030 Barrow

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