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SBI Phase III - Highlights and Synthesis Document, March 2006 (word doc)
ARCSS Committee Mar. 29, 2006 SBI Phase III presentation: Arctic Carbon Cycling and Shelf-Basin Dynamics (the ppt)

February 22, 2006 - Western Arctic Shelf-Basin Interactions (SBI): Implementation Planning for Phase III Synthesis and Modeling

Town Hall Title: Western Arctic Shelf-Basin Interactions (SBI): Implementation Planning for Phase III Synthesis and Modeling

Date: 02/22/06

Start Time: 1830h

Location: Level 3, 316A, Hawaii Convention Center

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The goal of the ongoing Western Arctic Shelf-Basin Interactions (SBI) project is to improve our understanding of the impacts of global change on the physical and biogeochemical connections among the continental shelves, slopes, and deep basins of the western Arctic.  SBI was developed to include three phases: Phase I (1999-2001) included retrospective synthesis, opportunistic sampling and modeling, Phase II (2002-2006) is the on-going multi-year field program and modeling effort in the Amerasian Arctic, and the planned Phase III will be the pan-Arctic synthesis and modeling component. The purpose of this evening Town Hall session is to have an open-forum to discuss implementation objectives and planning for SBI Phase III and to solicit community input for a systems approach to understanding Arctic shelf-basin dynamics.


January 30, 2006 - SBI Phase III online eTown Meeting, 9am AST, 1 pm EST

January 30, 2006 Open SBI Phase III online eTown Meeting sound track (mp3 file) and powerpoint presentation are available on the ARCUS weblink for the meeting http://www.arcus.org/ARCSS/ETM/January_06/SBI/

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December 6, 2005 - SBI Phase III Open meeting at AGU, San Francisco, CA