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Expedition name and Project Discription

International Joint Western Arctic Climate Study (JWACS), including 1)the Northern Bering Sea Ecosystem Study, 2) An Arctic Environmental Observatory in Bering Strait, and 3) Bering Strait Moorings as part of the Western Arctic Shelf-Basin Interactions (SBI) project aboard the Canadian Coast Guard Ship (CCGS) Sir Wilfrid Laurier.



  • KNOM radio interviews. We provided a three-part radio interview to Nome Alaska radio station KNOM in May 2004 about the SBI program prior to the first process cruise this summer. Also a second series of KNOM profiles are available for a Healy tour provided by the Coast Guard prior to leaving port for the second cruise in July 2004. These .mp3 files were produced and are owned by the News Department of KNOM radio, PO Box 988, Nome, AK 99762. These files are not to re-distributed or reproduced without permission of the copyright holder. In order to listen to the files, your computer must have appropriate audio software such as Windows Media Player or i-Tunes. Copyright 2004, KNOM radio.

KNOM radio interview\Grebmeier_and_CooperI.mp3 Length of file: 8:27

KNOM radio interview\Grebmeier_and_Cooper2.mp3 Length of file: 9:40

KNOM radio interview\Grebmeier_and_Cooper3.mp3 Length of file: 7:06

KNOM radio interview\Healy_tour1.mp3 Length of file: 9:38

KNOM radio interview\Healy_tour2.mp3 Length of file: 6:14

KNOM radio interview\Healy_tour3.mp3 Length of file: 5:26


  • SBI Special Presentation on PBS - The News Hour with Jim Lehrer (Producer David Stephens)
        Arctic Ice Pack Reveals Warming Trend reported by Tom Bearden 
  • National Public Radio - Richard Harris (pending)



Outreach activities related to the SBI project, both project-wide and more specifically for Grebmeier/Cooper-core SBI science project (2002-2004)

1. Spring 2002: presentations at local elementary schools in Knoxville, TN area as well as nationally (ASLO 2002 Ocean Science meeting) and internationally (e.g, Arctic Science Summit Week 2002).  We also hosted 60 elementary students in an open house in our laboratory in spring 2002 and will do this again in spring 2003.

2. Multiple publications in various local and national media outlets (CBS Evening News, CBS Sunday Morning, AP articles, local Knoxville New Sentinel) on the SBI science project.

3. Sponsored Ms. Betty Carvellas of Essex High School, Vermont as a TEA for the SBI project.  We hosted Betty in Knoxville last March in preparation for the summer SBI cruise.  In addition, PI's Grebmeier and Cooper visited Vermont for two days in Feb. 2003 and discussed our science program with over 250 students in classes from the 4th grad to high school.  We also discussed our project with the teachers of these classes at an evening event in Burlington, VT.

4. Grebmeier prepared a 48 slide presentation for display at the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission (AEWC)/ Barrow Association of Whaling Captains (BAWC) meeting held in Barrow, Alaska Feb. 2003 to present the SBI project, both as an overview and our individual science project.

5. Our SBI data was conveyed to 60 2nd grade students from Farragut, Tennessee who visited our lab to understand the science we do and why it is important for the general public.

6. SBI project-wide data was presented to the Whaling Captains Associations in Barrow, Wainwright and Pt. Hope in Sept. 2003 during discussions about the importance of the SBI science and our needs for 2004 field planning efforts.

7. SBI project-wide data and 2004 plans presentation for AEWC meeting in Oct. 2003 for AEWC in Anchorage, AK.

8. Hosted 3rd SBI pan-Arctic meeting in Cadiz, Spain for international audience, Nov. 2003

9. Prepared a SBI overview document for the 2004 AEWC mini-convention in Barrow, AK Feb. 2004

10. Led SBI special session (1.5 days) at ASLO/TOS meeting in Hawaii, Feb. 2004

11. Assisted with international pan-Arctic ecosystem session at ASLO/TOS meeting in Hawaii, Feb. 2004

12. Outlined SBI program results during invited plenary lecture at ASLO/TOS meeting in Hawaii, Feb. 2004

Outreach by teacher: Betty Carvellas- TEA (2001-2004)

2001 - August - AM presentation to entire school district and PM presentation to approx. 30 interested teachers (These were preliminary discussions to get interested teachers for my mentor group.) All other presentations were under some variation of the title - TEA Teachers in the Arctic.

2002 - October - presentation to the women of Delta Kappa Gamma

2003- February 1-4 this was Grebmeier/Cooper presentation to all Essex school students; March 5-7 SBI meeting in Miami; March 18 - 2 classes at Essex Middle School (EMS); March 28 - 1 class at EMS; April 1 - 1 class at EMS; April 5 - invited speaker at the Vermont State Science Fair awards ceremony

2004 - January 16 - 2 classes at EMS; February 6 - 2 classes at EMS.

SBI science and project articles have been prepared for the following outlets in 2003

1. Lead article for spring 2003 ARCUS Witness the Arctic Newsletter

2. Article for the Arctic Research of the United States journal, fall 2003

3. Science and project posters for Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission (AEWC) meeting in Barrow, AK in Feb. 2003 and PI meeting

4. SBI presentation to the AEWC in October 2003

5. Science poster for the SEARCH open science meeting in Seattle, WA Oct. 2003

6. Science poster for the 3rd SBI Pan-Arctic meeting in Cadiz, Spain Nov. 2003

7. Preparing an update of the SBI program for the 2004 spring ARCUS Witness the Arctic newletter

8. Peer-review publications by SBI PI's for the SBI special volume in Deep Sea Research, Deadline March 2004