Western Arctic Shelf-Basin Interactions (SBI) Project

This page presents the following information: 1) the SBI Data Management Policy, and 2) the Data Submission procedures for transferring SBI Phase I and II data to the SBI data support unit at the Joint Office for Science Support (JOSS). http://www.eol.ucar.edu/projects/sbi/

1. SBI Data Management Policy (December 2005)

The Western Arctic Shelf Basin Interactions Project Data Policy is established to help insure open and timely access to all SBI datasets. This requires a data management strategy that facilitates data exchange and investigators taking responsibility for making data available.

SBI will follow the general OAII Data Management Guidelines

All SBI investigators will submit their data from Phase I and II to the JOSS password-protected SBI interim archive within one year of acquisition, processing or preparation, whichever is applicable. It will be important for all investigators participating in SBI to agree to promptly (e.g. within one year of the end of the data collection/preparation period) submit data to the archive center to facilitate the further analysis, archival and distribution. Datasets must be submitted to the archive in an "appropriate format" with sufficient documentation to allow easy exchange and understanding by others.

Each investigators' data are considered community property for other SBI participants; however considerations will be made for time adjustments in submitting data collected as part of graduate student program.

Requests for consideration of a delay of data release beyond the 2-year requirement when the PI considers data release will be compromised by strict adherence to the data policy should be addressed to the ARCSS Program Director via the SBI Advisory Committee. The ARCSS Program Director will make a final decision on the request.

Data are considered public only when notified by the investigator or after January, 2002 (Phase 1) and January 2007 (Phase II). The SBI interim archive can password protect datasets as necessary.

Datasets submitted to the archive must adhere to documentation and format guidelines set forth by SBI in the SBI Data Management Plan and the ARCSS Data Protocol. It is important that users understand the attributes of the data as well as details about format.

SBI investigators and others are responsible for providing appropriate recognition to data providers in publications. This can include article co-authorship and/or reference to data publications. Both SBI process and hydrographic team members should be contacted before use of their data sets.

SBI will use a distributed archive strategy. Investigators may keep their data as a result of SBI related work so long as they establish appropriate links to the data through the SBI Interim Archive at JOSS.

SBI will take advantage of several existing national data centers to house a variety of datasets to be collected. These could include the Arctic Data Coordination Center (ADCC) at NSIDC, NOAA/National Ocean Data Center (NODC), ONR, NASA/DAAC, Canadian Marine Environmental Data System (MEDS) and ARM/ORNL. Cooperative agreements for unrestricted exchange and access of SBI data from all these locations should be considered. Arrangements will be made to assure at all SBI datasets will finally reside in the ADCC.

SBI investigators are encouraged to submit datasets resulting from collaborative research on other programs to the SBI Interim Archive at JOSS.


Submission of SBI Phase I and II Datasets to JOSS

The Joint Office for Science Support has been given resources by the NSF to act as the interim archive for SBI Phase I and II datasets. We are working with  the SBI Project Office to assure that data are archived and documented for SBI Phase I and II. We are happy to accept datasets or links to data at another institution. JOSS will also facilitate the transmission of these datasets to the Arctic Data Coordination Center (ADCC) for permanent archival. There is already a lot of work done in this regard as documented in the SBI Phase I and II data tables on the SBI JOSS data page (http://www.eol.ucar.edu/projects/sbi/, also accessible through the SBI Project Office home page (http://sbi.utk.edu).

If the data and documentation referenced in that table is complete for your Phase I and Phase II activities, then JOSS can start the process of downloading data for the permanent archive. Please send an email to us (email below) and tell us your status. If you would prefer to send your data to us directly, the following brief set of instructions should be used;

ftp: ftp.joss.ucar.edu
login: anonymous
password: your email address
change directory: cd /pub/incoming/sbi
binary mode: bin
move file: put filename
quit quit

If you are running Netscape or Internet Explorer you may enter the ftp.joss.ucar.edu/pub/incoming/sbi and you will be taken directly to the public directory area here at JOSS. You may then use the upload file utility under "file"
in the control panel to move the data and documentation over to JOSS.

If the files are larger than 100MB each, we generally recommend that you send us a CD rom, tape, Exabyte or DAT would be preferred, with the data and documentation. Remember that a CD normally holds about 600MB of data. This process avoids potential problems with large file transfers across the Internet. If you are using a modem link on your computer, files larger than 20MB should be transferred via CD or tape.

The JOSS mailing address is: The Fedex address is:

Attention: J. Moore Attention: J. Moore
PO Box 3000 3300 Mitchell Lane, FL-4
Boulder, CO 80503 Suite 1402
Boulder, CO 80503

It is very important that you include documentation with your data. Please upload this file separately from your data to keep the confusion to a minimum. Also please send an email to Jim Moore (jmoore@ucar.edu) or Greg Stossmeister (gstoss@ucar.edu) to let us know that the data are here. Please send us email if there are any questions. Thanks in advance for your help.