RAISE Science Steering Committee
(Composed of both Russian and American advisors)

Russian Science Steering Committee members
Igor Melnikov (co-chair)
P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology
36, Nakhimovski Pr.
117851 Moscow
telephone: +
fax: +
e-mail: migor@online.ru
Sergey Primakov (co-chair)
Arctic and Antarctic Institute 38, Bering Street
199397 St. Petersburg
telephone: +7.812.352.0096
fax: +7.812.352.2685
e-mail: priamiks@aari.nw.ru
e-mail: aaricoop@aari.nw.ru
Vladimir Pitulko
Institute for the History of Material Culture
Russian Academy of Sciences
18, Dvortsovaya nab.
191186 St. Petersburg
telephone: +7.812.233.6802
fax: +7.812.311.6271
e-mail: archeo@archeo.spb.ru
Nikolai N. Romanovskii
Moscow State University Faculty of Geology Department of Geocryology
Vorobyovy Gory
119899 Moscow
telephone: +7.095.939.1937
fax: +7.095.932.8889
e-mail: nromanovsky@


United States Science Steering Committee members
Lee Cooper (U.S. Chair)
Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
University of Tennessee
569 Dabney Hall
Knoxville, TN 37996
telephone: +1.865.974.2990
fax: +1.865.974-3067
e-mail: lcooper1@utk.edu
Robert M. Holmes
Woods Hole Research Center
140 Woods Hole Rd
Falmouth, MA 02540-1644
telephone: +1.508.540.9900, x 148

e-mail: rholmes@whrc.org
Laurence Smith
Department of Geography
PO Box 951524
University of California
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1524
telephone: +1.310.825.1071
fax: +1.310.206.5976
e-mail: lsmith@geog.ucla.edu
Igor P. Semiletov
Frontier Research System for Global Change,
International Arctic Research Center,
University of Alaska Fairbanks,
PO Box 757335
Fairbanks, AK 99775-7335, U.S.A.
telephone: +1.907.474.6286
fax: +1.907.474.2643
e-mail: igorsm@iarc.uaf.edu
e-mail: arctic@online.marine.su
Andrey Proshutinksy
Dept of Physical Oceanography
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
MS 29, 360 Woods Hole Road
Woods Hole, MA 02543
telephone: +1.508.289.2796
fax: +1.508.457.2181
e-mail: aproshutinsky@whoi.edu
Richard Lammers
Water Systems Analysis Group
Morse Hall, Room 211
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH 03824
telephone: +1.603.862.4699
fax: +1.603.862.0587
e-mail: Richard.Lammers@unh.edu
Vladimir Romanovsky
RAISE Project Special Consultant
Geophysical Institute
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks AK 99775
telephone: +1.907.474.7459
fax: +1.907.474.7290
e-mail: ffver@uaf.edu
Ken Dunton
Associate Professor
University of Texas at Austin Marine Science Institute
750 Channel View Drive, Port Aransas, TX 78373
telephone: +1.361.749.6744
email: dunton@utmsi.utexas.edu
website: http://www.utmsi.utexas.edu

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